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Chicory production

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Specialist in Chicory


Agrin-Serv has developed into a major player in the field of machine construction for chicory prodcuction. An entire line of harvest and / or rootsetting can be manufactured in-house at Agrin-Serv.

From harvest machine to robotic washing of (Diton)crates and weighing machine to the automation. Agrin-Serv is your specialist who thinks along with you.


Harvest line

The harvest of chicory is partially automated by means of a harvest line. The most important advantage of this is that employees are only involved in the processing of chicory or the storage thereof.


The harvest machine has got a curled rotating disc with driven cutting blade giving an excellent cutting pattern on the crop. The cutting blade is adjustable with respect to the mounting disc so that the cut will be made exactly at the right place. The mounting disc has 10 hooks and has a large circumference. The circulation speed is therefore lower than with a small mounting disc. This makes it easier to work with.

Then the chicory crop ends up subtly on the harvesting belt and the pens are removed. A powerful blower blows away the outer loose cutted leaves, after which the chicory crop continues its way onto the harvesting belt. Employees can further process the chicory and lay the heads on the semi-automatic weighing sorter or in crates or boxes.


The leaves that remain on the harvest belt will be disposed as waste. It is important to keep this amount to a minimum. To do so this amount of leaves can be weighed. Agrin-Serv has developed a leaf weigher where the amount of leaf can be weighed and visualized on the  operating system.


The transport, stacking and washing of the (Diton)crates can be fully automated. Then the washed crates can be used again to set new roots.

For an impression of a fully automated harvesting and set-up line, you can view the video below.


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