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Crate Washer Casketwash K4

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Washing crates or bins at a rate of up to 750 pieces per hour? That is possible with the Casketwash K4!

The Cashketwash K4 is a solid design with more than 10 million pieces of experience.



  • Dirty crates are placed manually between the cams on the conveyor belt.
  • The belt will carry crate by crate. After which the Washer rotates.
  • The speed at which the washing rotor, and the inlet and outlet belts rotate independently can be adjusted steplessly via potentiometers
  • The rinsing water is collected at the bottom and can be drained.
  • At the end of the export conveyor the crates can be removed and stacked.
  • If the crates on the conveyor belt are not removed in time, the machine will stop.


Simple but effective!


Would you like to try the machine? Agrin-Serv has a CasketWash K4 crate washer for rental.

This is mounted on a trailer (car) and therefore mobile. Ask for the possibilities!



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