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Desinfection shower for boxes with flower bulbs

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A desinfection shower is available in different versions.


You can choose from a fully automated machine; manually operated machine; by your machine; suitable for disinfecting products in cubic boxes by showering.


Combi version for: showering / cooking / preparing peel / floating sinks and optionally washing boxes.


Can be fitted with single or double hood for simultaneous showering of two or even four boxes


Advantages of a Agrin-serv desinfection shower:

  • Fully automated, so time saving
  • Minimal contamination outside of the boxes
  • The amount of product can be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Also for the disinfection of empty boxes.
  • Result equal to immersion principle.
  • Long drainage time after showering.

Capacity and dimensions:

The dimensions depend on the number of places.

Capacity depends on the set shower time.


  • Back flow plates stainless steel.
  • Hood blasted and kicked.
  • Frame construction galvanized


  1. Place the boxes on the shower track
  2. The trolley moves, after the start signal is given, over the boxes and leaves the hood on the crate bags
  3. The liquid is distributed over a perforated plate in the hood.
  4. Due to the well-fitting cap edge, no liquid will come to the outside of the crate
  5. Pump capacity 120m3 per hour gives a good filling of the hood,
  6. If the boxes leaked sufficiently, these can be removed and the new crates for the next round can be placed


  • GSM monitoring system.
  • Timer for start time at night
  • Supply tank for liquid with automatic refill system
  • Remote control
  • Anti-foam dosing pump



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