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Pallet box washers

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Pallet box washers

Agrin-serv has been making palletbox washers for 15 years.

Choose a robust reliable design. More than 1 million pallet boxes have been washed by palletbox washers build by Agrin-serv.

  • Standardized design, made to your liking for every size of pallet box.
  • Equipped with wheel set: Wash & Go.
  • Rotating washing head for cleaning inside.
  • Flat jet nozzles for cleaning outside.
  • Adjustable washing programs
  • Remote control.


Water pump 200 l / min at 20 bar.

Depending on the degree of pollution up to 60 crates per hour.


The machine is completely galvanized

Control box and hydraulic components in closed dry room.

Simple machine with minimal amount of pivot points and sensors


Placed in a container for collecting water and against pollution.

For more information go the Tumble Jet website or contact us directly


Do you want to test this machine? That is possible, the Tumble Jet box washer is for rent!



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